What We've Done Over The Years
BRANDEL, INC. has always been on the cutting edge of merging telecommunications with marketing opportunities. The company was born in 1991, when the advent of the Pay-Per-Call industry caught the eye of its founder, Ben Deleon. From producing content to developing 900-number services, Brandel rode the boom of this new telecom phenomenon by crafting marketing programs for and providing consultation to businesses that offered phone-based information and entertainment content on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Then in the mid 1990s, with the emergence of the Internet's World Wide Web, Brandel offered online advertorials via its new domain,, which launched in 1996. This new online advertising service allowed businesses to quickly and easily publish marketing materials on the Internet. This took place at a time when the Internet was still primarily populated by scientific and scholarly users who initially decried the commercial invasion of the Web. It was obvious that Mr. Deleon could see which direction the Internet was really taking.

2004: Brandel launched its Mobilitron line of software products that utilized the Web-To-Mobilephone (W2MP) message delivery system to provide affordable mobile marketing solutions, enabling small businesses to send commercial text messages to their customers on a broadcast basis.

2006: Brandel launched a new line of Mobile-Optimized Advertising Systems, including an assortment of Short Code-base SMS Text Messaging services. Since then, Brandel made developing software for the Mobile Media its primary focus.

2008: With the exciting growth of smartphones, Brandel launched App-4-Ads and Web-App Builder, cloud-based mobile publishing software. In the next two years, Brandel released a number of mobile publishing software, which included features such as Ecommerce, QR Code and Mobile Coupons. Since then, Brandel has been exploring applications that harness the power and flexibility of the Mobile Web and its strategic use in marketing.

2011: Brandel celebrated 20 years in business, a milestone evident of its integrity, its commitment to service, and dedication to deliver high-quality products. 

2013: Brandel launched a new service that focuses on Mobile Coupons, a product that Brandel has been offering and refining for the past few years. Adding QR Code to the delivery, promotion, and tracking of Mobile Coupons, Brandel offers a "Coupon Wallet" System that enable publishers to offer Digital Coupons Service to local merchants worldwide.

2017: As a core provider of Digital Publishing Systems, Brandel continues to serve a worldwide network of Web and Mobile Publishers, including entrepreneurs, marketers, consultants, and Web designers. Our latest product celebrate our continued focus on mobile publishing and marketing, providing powerful publishing tools that enable brands, businesses, and organizations to craft marketing campaigns that blossom in the mobile space.